Professional Pet Care Services     

Kate Callaghan

Business Owner

Training Instructor, Head of Dog Walking & Pet Care

Meet Kate, the owner and founder of Barkers Trail, shown here with one of her four dogs; Rome. Kate lives in Newton Longville with husband; Dan, their four dogs; Yogi, Pepsie, Rome & Joey. Kate has always been a lover of animals,  enjoying a career as a dog training instructor for several years at one of the region's largest independent dog training schools, giving her plenty of experience handling all types of dogs with various different temperaments. Kate regularly attends courses and seminars to continue to build her skills and knowledge and is currently studying for an accredited diploma in Canine Behaviour. She has recently been accepted to train on the Superdogs course with founders of The School of Canine Science; Nando Brown & Jo-Rosie Haffenden. This course follows on from their hit Channel 4 TV show "Rescue Dog to Super Dog" and if successful, Kate will have the opportunity to work within their referrals team to assist disabled and vulnerable people. Kate works hard running all aspects of Barkers Trail and also covers dog walking, dog training, pet sitting & pet transportation services.

Dan Callaghan

Dog Trainer & Behaviourist

Head of Training & Behaviour

Meet Dan, shown here with one of his four dogs; Yogi. Dan has been in the dog training industry for over 10 years, coming from one of the region's largest independent dog training schools. Specialising in behaviour cases, this has given him vast knowledge and experience in the field. He focuses on reward based training and operant conditioning, meaning owners work with their dogs, not against. Dan has an accredited diploma in Canine Behaviour and is currently studying at an advanced level. Over the years there have been many advances in dog training and Dan regularly attends new courses and seminars to keep up to date with the new methods and scientific studies. Dan also has a keen interest in the current Dog Laws and has attended talks and seminars to gain a good understanding of how these laws can affect the every day owner and their pooch! Dan also spends a lot of time working with multiple rescue centres, assisting them with some of their difficult cases to help ensure that they are given the best chance of being rehomed.


Dog Walking & Pet Care Assistant

Meet Sarah, shown here with her beautiful German Shepherd; Eric. Sarah joined Barkers Trail as a very experienced dog owner, having owned dogs her whole life. She has also assisted with the care of her friends' and families' fur babies for many years. Sarah has a family of 2 legged children however rehomed her four legged baby Eric into their family from German Shepherd Rescue. As with many rescues; Eric came with some "baggage" and can be reactive around certain dogs. However with Sarah's excellent handling skills and learnt training techniques, Eric is coming on in leaps and bounds! Having a family, Sarah's focus has been on being a Mum to her 4 children, however now they are at an age where she is able to devote more time into her other passion; animals! .


Dog Walking & Pet Care Assistant

Meet Hazel, shown here with her lovely husky x collie; Dotty. Hazel is the newest member of the Barkers Trail family and we are so happy to have her! She comes to us as a fellow "crazy dog lady". Being an experienced animal owner, we just knew the four legged clients would LOVE her! As well as her four legged baby, she is also the mum to her 2 legged child; Lawson. Having a woof who is crossed with the most intelligent breed of dog along with one of the most "independently minded"  breed of dog; Dotty wasn't an easy task. But after being dumped at 6 weeks old and handed in to a local veterinary practice where her friend worked, Hazel quickly fell in love and Dotty found her forever family!  Dotty has given Hazel the best experience of dealing with a challenging dog and she continues to work with Dotty to get the best from her. The family also own bunny Larry who is about 10 months old. Like the rest of the Barkers Trail family; Hazel comes to us with a full ,clear DBS check along with amazing references! She will soon be taking part in her Canine First Aid course.


Relief Dog Walking & Pet Care Assistant

Meet Natasha, shown here with her 2 year old Chihuahua; Teddy.

Natasha joined the Barkers Trail family in March 2016  and is much loved by her four legged clients! Natasha previously lived in Tenerife where she assisted in the rescue and rehoming of stray dogs and cats. Although she now owns her own home based beauty salon, Natasha missed working with animals and joined our team on a part time basis. Her experience along with her massive love for animals is what really made her a great addition to the Barkers Trail family.

Natasha lives in Newton Leys with her partner Rob; Teddy the Chihuahua, Coco & Boo (two cats who she rescued in Tenerife and brought back to the UK) and last but not least, her newest addition; kitten Suki.

Why use Barkers Trail?

Our service and care for each customer and their pet is tailored to  their individual needs.

For peace of mind, you will receive a complimentary text message after each visit/day with us.

Experienced with dog and people reactive dogs, Barkers Trail can assist with all types of temperaments.


You can ensure a reliable and trustworthy service from Barkers Trail; being fully insured and DBS checked.

Certified in Canine & Feline first aid.

No more than 3 dogs are walked together at one time on our group walks, ensuring that your dogs get the attention they deserve. 

Lastly, we LOVE animals and will treat your pets as precious as our very own!