Professional Pet Care Services     

Enriching the lives of you and your dog.

The Barkers Trail Dog Academy prides themselves on their fun, yet professional attitude along with their rewarding and stimulating training.

We can assist you with all of your dog training needs; from behaviour modification, to helping ensure your new pup gets the right start in life.

We believe not only in responsible dog ownership, but also happy dogs; and dog training plays a big part in achieving both of these things. It is a common misconception that dog training is for “naughty” dogs. Whilst dog training can improve behavioural problems, it also provides the physical and mental stimulation your dog deserves and needs. Not to mention the fun bonding experience for you both. Our training is built to enhance and improve the lives of both you and your dog!

Our Services

Behaviour Modification - *£95.00

Does your dog have an unwanted behaviour you need assistance with? Our Behaviour Modification Training starts with a consultation which lasts up to 2 hours. This may include a session outside in order for us to see the particular behaviour. Following this you will receive a detailed training plan for you and your dog to begin. As with all training, modifying behaviour takes time and you will need to have a lot of patience and consistency to help train your dog. Further individual or group training sessions may be recommended depending on the behaviour. Our Behaviour Modification can assist with unwanted behaviours such as; Dog & People Aggression, Resource Guarding, Separation Anxiety, Destructive Behaviour, Obsessive Behaviours (e.g. tail chasing, excessive grooming), Fears / Phobias (e.g. Fireworks / Cars).

*Travel costs incurred above 10 mile radius of Barkers Trail

Group Classes - £10.00

Our group classes are held at our training field set in the beautiful countryside of south Milton Keynes. With the picturesque woodland in the background, it creates a wonderful outside environment to train. We like to ensure that all dogs are given the stimulation and enrichment that they deserve so we not only cover general obedience training such as walking on the lead and recall, we also include trick training, fun agility and scent work including tyre, barrel and cone searches which then move on to advanced levels such as tracking and article retrieval. These classes are in high demand and spaces are limited so please contact us to register your interest and avoid disappointment.

Individual Training Sessions - *£40

Our individual training sessions are a great solution to give you the full personalised training experience! Tailored to suit both yours and your dog's requirements; these sessions can help with behaviours such as recall, jumping up, lead walking and general obedience. We also offer specialised sessions that can help reduce the stress of things like grooming, administering medication and veterinary visits.

All sessions can be conducted at your home, outside in a public area or at our training field (depending on availability).
*Travel costs incurred above 10 mile radius of Barkers Trail

Puppy Perfection Package - *£55

Does your new furry addition keep you up at night? Perhaps they are struggling to learn the basics such as toilet training. Whether your puppy has an unwanted behaviour you need assistance with, such as puppy "mouthing" and jumping up at visitors, or you simply just want to ensure you get things right from the outset, our 'Puppy Perfection Package' can be just the thing for you and your pup.

We will come to your home and spend up to 75 minutes finding out about you and your pup and getting started on the training. Following this you will receive a detailed plan for you to continue training your dog.

Further training may be recommended; either one on one or group sessions.
*Travel costs incurred above 10 mile radius of Barkers Trail

Puppy Preschool - Stages 1 & 2 - £65 per course

Learn the fundamentals to get your new furry family member started on the right paw!

From basic obedience including introduction to loose lead walking & recall, interactive games, trick training and ‘sensory stations’ along with assistance for typical puppy behaviours such as jumping up and toilet training. Each session will finish off with socialisation exercises to ensure your new pup learns the vital social skills they need.

Each course runs for 5 weeks and is based at Newton Longville Village Hall & Bradville Hall Community Centre.

All participants will receive a certificate of achievement at the end of the course and will have the opportunity to continue with their training and progress to more advanced levels (subject to availability).

"Barkers Train Your Dog" Packages - from £25
Do you struggle to train your dog? Maybe you do not have the confidence to train them yourself or you are physically unable. Perhaps you just do not have time but want the absolute best for your four legged friend.
We at Barkers Trail are able to train your dog for you! From general obedience like walking nicely on the lead to assisting with behaviour problems*; such as reactivity to dogs or people, we can assist all!
With our own training field, your dog can have a personal agility session, be introduced to scent work; we can cover any of your dog's requirements!
*Certain behaviours may require a behavioural modification session prior to commencing this package however discounts would be applicable.
One to One Training Days - £145
Lasting a minimum of 5 hours; combining both practical and theory based training, this is one of the best packages we can provide for you and your dog.
Held at our training base in the MK countryside with enclosed field, we will tailor the day to suit your dog's needs and will include fun, enriching training exercises throughout the day as well as multiple breaks to ensure your dog gets the rest they need.
We will provide lunch for you as well as snacks and refreshments throughout the day.
These days can be booked for any training or behaviour problem; from assistance with general obedience such as lead walking around other dogs and recall to reactive and fearful dogs.
Dog Training Mini Breaks!
Do you miss your dog when you go on holiday? Why not treat yourself to the ultimate break away with your woof and join us at Barkers Trail for some personalised training for you and your dog! With a fully enclosed field in the MK countryside; we can cover all aspects of training & behaviour; creating a fun and mentally stimulating schedule for you and your dog. We will tailor your break entirely to suit yours and your dogs requirements; including incorporating behavioural modification plans within the training where needed.
Group of friends want to come along together? No problem! We can create a schedule to suit all of the dogs within your group.
With many dog friendly places to stay nearby, from city hotels to countryside B & B's; this can be the ultimate bonding break for you and your four legged friends!
Seminars & Workshops
From training seminars for pet owners and workshops for specific training problems such as recall, Barkers Trail like to ensure an array of services to ensure you can get the best out of your dog.
As well as this, we also host other trainers and professionals from the dog world and will be hosting a Dog Law seminar with Trevor Cooper and an Interactive Fun Workshop with the world renowned Craig Ogilivie.
Dates will be added to our Facebook page so make sure to follow us on the link at the bottom of this page to keep up to date with our new events.
For more information on any of our training services,
please get in touch via our 'Contact Us' page.